Our mission is to empower students to discover their innate ability to succeed.


Program Goals

1. Provide a healthy, safe, and enriching afterschool environment for children K-8.

2. Help to improve academic performance for participating students.

3. Help students cultivate essential life skills.

4. Raise students’ commitment to learning and the school environment.

5. Provide outreach, support and educational opportunities for families.

Our Values

  • We value all children and believe that regardless of their economic, social or ethnic heritage, they have the inherent right to a productive and fulfilling life.

  • We believe there are many factors that contribute equally to a child’s positive development such as consistent supportive relationships and exposure to a variety of developmental experiences.

  • We know that children have various ways of learning and understanding the world around them and we work to create academic and enrichment activities to support all learning styles.

  • We value families in their various forms as the foundation for a child’s growth and development and we work to provide information and educational opportunities to support and encourage family engagement.

  • We value our community schools and work to see that the afterschool activities are in-line with educational goals of the Utah Core Curriculum, the Grand County School District and Moab Charter School.

  • We recognize the importance of working together with the community to provide Moab’s youth and families with the best support network and learning environment we can.